We are consultants. We are about solutions and ways to optimize your business. Period.

Who is Convoko?

• A consulting firm with subject matter experts, each having over 20 years of enterprise level management experience.
• A dedicated team of experienced professionals who focus on improving your CRM effectiveness utilizing best in class technologies. Company Overview

What do we do?

We help you evaluate your business needs and then implement the right solutions to simplify, automate, and improve your overall business processes. Our goal is to ensure you effectively leverage your investments to dramatically improve your sales performance, business processes, and overall productivity. We don’t believe technology should conform to legacy processes – we optimize and future-proof your business, delivering a competitive advantage.

How are we different?

We aren’t just the typical quick-stop, implementation shop. We take a complete and integrated approach to business optimization with CRM as the cornerstone. Every Convoko CRM engagement evaluates three critical components of your business; people, process, and technology. The result is a more successful CRM implementation that optimizes your entire business performance.

What does our name mean?

Conv’o~hko / känvəˈko - Derived from the Latin word “convocare” meaning to “bring together”, unify. …a formal call to unity

Our Ethos...

We advise prospects and customers on how to maximize the value of their people, processes and technology so they can achieve sustainable profitable growth. CRM is our ecosystem; consulting our trade. We base every recommendation on fact, born out of business reviews that we personally lead. We thrive on quality, simplicity and delivering results when they are most needed. We are accountable to those whom we lead and work with. We don’t fail.