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Whether you are thinking about a new business option, or you have an installed business solution that is not giving you the results you expected, we are ready to engage and solve problems now.

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Convoko will conduct your Business Performance Review at no risk to your organization. Why not see what can be improved? We'll look at processes, technology, people and make recommendations to act.

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Convoko partners have years of experience implementing, operating and optimizing business technologies and associated processes.
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By the end of your BPR engagement you will have a clear understanding of your "business" situation. Convoko can provide these in writing for you to implement as time and budget allows.

Focused on Multiple Functional Areas

Two Phased Approach

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Convoko helped us not only implement and launch our instance, but also helped drive 100% user adoption. Now we have the right processes in place and can focus on running the business rather than the technology.

Alan Carson - Envistacom, SVP of Sales
Envistacom, LLC

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