Strategic Consulting

Mergers and Acquisitions

It isn’t a secret that many mergers and acquisitions (MNA) fail to deliver the expected synergies or anticipated value. The problems can vary from a flawed strategy for buying a company, to insufficient planning and due diligence of the merger integration.

With strategic consulting services from Convoko, you can dramatically increase your chances for a highly successful MNA process. We can assist your leadership team with just select portions of an MNA or the complete scope of MNA related activities such as:
   • Strategic goals and business alignment
   • IT Strategy
   • Target company selection process
   • Strategic assessments of companies
   • Due diligence reviews
   • Merger integration and interdependencies
   • Technology, process, and people assimilation

Vendor Qualification Evaluations

Are you reviewing vendors for a business intelligence or CRM solution but don’t know who to choose? As experts in integrating the best technologies with the most efficient processes, Convoko offers our evaluation services as a third-party to make recommendations on which vendor is right for your business. Our unbiased expert recommendations take into consideration how a vendor will integrate into your current systems, your budget, and future-proofing the end solution so it can evolve as your business grows.

RFPs – Responding and Writing

Whether you are responding to a RFP that was sent to you, or whether you are writing a RFP to send out seeking a solution, without question, RFPs are time-consuming, laborious, and tedious documents that require the efforts of numerous people throughout your organization.

At Convoko, we can help make the RFP process easier and more efficient. We understanding that effectively responding to or writing a RFP requires you to think carefully about the real potential for return on the time, energy, and resources you invest in the submission. We can objectively help you assess the best way to cover all the bases, the right way to answer or ask a question, develop your strategy, identify your weaknesses, and sell your strengths.


Through robust recruitment, evaluation, and assessment methodologies, we identify the right talent with the necessary skills that will ensure the success of your business and project. We can help you staff up your projects and initiatives with contractors and then help transition them to a permanent position within your corporate team.

Strategic Marketing Services

Redesign your logo. Enhance your identity. Reposition your brand. Launch new products. Share thought leadership. Enable your sales force. Generate more leads. Connect with your customers. Build your market share. At Convoko, we understand that marketing is critical to the success of your business.

From the strategic plan to the tactical execution, we help companies develop effective marketing programs and campaigns that engage target audiences to accomplish big, measurable brand and business goals. We provide best-in-class B2B branding, marketing, and creative services without big agency prices. Our deep understanding of how marketing, sales, and operations work together will help you grow your brand and your business.

Bid Reviews

How do you know if you have a chance of winning a deal? How do you determine if a deal is worth winning? How do you stack up against your competitors? Convoko can help your sales leadership establish a consistent bid/no bid decision-making process, crucial to the success of your company. We can help you get and edge on your compatition and:
   • Improve your sales team's bid discipline
   • Increase the quality of the competitive proposals submitted
   • Increases your company's win rate
   • Increase the total value of orders won
   • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce turnover


Call it a carve-out, a spin off, or simply the sale of part of the business, but successfully planning and executing a business divestiture is much more challenging than most executives anticipate. Divestitures can represent tremendous opportunities as well as significant risks for your company. The goal of the divestiture can range from realigning the product portfolio, to freeing up cash for initiatives more closely aligned with the current business strategy, to improving shareholder value by infusing cash into the company.

At Convoko, we can help position your divestiture, facilitate the deal, maximize the value of your sale, and quickly re-focus back on the other business units that are aligned with the new and resulting corporate strategy. Our services include:
   • Divestiture strategy and valuation
   • Due diligence and evaluation
   • Identify exit alternatives
   • Define parameters and interdependencies
   • Develop and execute transition planning

Convoko’s World-Class Business Consulting = Unparalleled Results

No matter the type or size of the business challenges facing your company, Convoko can help you understand the complexities, identify the opportunities, and execute on the best solutions. Successful strategic business consulting requires the seamless integration of vision, creativity, expertise, and common-sense. And this is what truly sets Convoko apart. We bring it all together, so you get superior results that take your business to the next level and positively impact your bottom line.

Bringing simplicity and efficiency to business operations.