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Technology Adoption Curve

Technology Driven Changes

Technology Driven Business Improvement

The availability and ease of deploying cloud-based technology solutions is driving a new behavior; whereby companies purchase the latest technology, expecting it to automatically solve their business challenges. With this “quick fix” mindset, typical "QuickStart solutions" are often deployed without due consideration to the impact the technology will have on existing processes and how it should be most effectively leveraged by personnel.

These companies experience a sudden burst of "value" and perceive improved performance, which quickly fades and steadies at a much lower level than that expected or desired (Decision Point 1). This "false start" results in lack of user adoption and often in project implementation failure.

The Long Way to Strategic Transformation

At this point, some companies experiment with other fixes by automating processes as "bolt-ons" to the technology, again experiencing a burst of improved performance. Unfortunately, this improvement also fades when rapidly changing internal processes and business demands fall out of sync with the technology that once supported them (Decision Point 2).

The Convoko Advantage

Business Transformation with Convoko

Convoko engages with companies in a way that ensures improved business performance and overall success. In every engagement, people, processes, and technology are jointly evaluated and addressed to ensure superior ROI and user adoption.

Companies following the Convoko approach, even those seeking a technology quick-start, experience a "Best Start" where the value they add to the organization is higher and comes sooner than other process-driven technology implementations.

The Sure Way to Strategic Transformation and Ongoing Success

Once a "Best Start" has been launched, Convoko remains engaged with each customer, implementing a complete roadmap to success. These well-planned, strategic implementations achieve full cultural adoption due to the integration of people, processes, and technology. Following the Convoko value curve, companies recognize the benefits of fully integrated technology and well-designed processes that result in a positive culture shift and superior, sustained ROI. This gives companies a true business advantage.

Where Are You In Your Technology Adoption?

Evaluating Technology

"I am looking at technology as a solution to automate and expedite our internal processes, taking our business to the next level."

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Balancing Process and Technology

"We have great software solutions in place and simply need to make sure our processes are optimized and running smoothly on them."

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Updating your Processes

"Our processes are not working for us and I'm not even sure we have the right technology in place. We could use some help but aren't sure where to start."

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