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Correctly evaluate your CRM processes and technology and set the cornerstone of your business success.

The Importance of the CPR

A CRM Performance Review (CPR) is a comprehensive review and evaluation of your CRM technology, associated processes, and how your organization uses them to manage not only your customer interactions, but your overall business operation. Convoko looks at these areas together and adds significant value by focusing on running your business better; not just on configuring your technology.

CPR Steps

How We Conduct a CPR

A CPR consists of in-person, on-site, working sessions between Convoko experts and customer stakeholders. Following our proven methodology and conducted in an effective and efficient manner, in these working sessions the team:

  • Identifies the areas that require improvement
  • Prioritizes the opportunities for improvement
  • Determines solution complexity and value

Evaluation Results

With the opportunities for business and CRM improvement identified, we logically organize them into solution initiatives. The result is a clear picture of how to improve both your business processes and your CRM performance. Now that we know “what” should be done, next comes the “when” and “how”.

BPR Steps 2014
BPR Steps 2014

Every Convoko CRM engagement evaluates three critical components of your business; process, technology, and people. CRM implementations are most successful when all three of these components are jointly addressed across multiple functional areas.

CVK Functional Areas

Does your business need CPR?

CRM Performance Review

"Implementing a CRM did not solve our problems"

If you implemented your CRM solution and:
* You still don't know how your key accounts are performing
* You still don't know who your real top performing accounts are
* You still run your sales review using Excel
* You still can't tell if you will reach your sales goals for the month

Your business needs a CPR Performance Review

"Forecasting my team's monthly sales is challenging"

At the heart of most CRM solution is the ability to manage opportunities. However, clearly defining your opportunity stages in a simple and action-oriented approach is critical to accurately forecasting sales. If you don’t have clear pipeline visibility; your organization needs a CPR Performance Review.

"I don't have complete visibility into my team's activity"

CRM solutions are developed to share account and sales activity information; but they must be configured correctly in order to support the right business processes. If you lack visibility into your team's activity and accounts; your organization needs a CPR Performance Review.

"The information in our CRM does not match the operations DB"

CRM solutions are no longer "islands of information." Whether the CRM is the database of record, or a secondary database within your business, CRM solutions must be correctly integrated to the enterprise ecosystem. If your CRM solution is not optimized in that way, your business may need a CPR Performance Review.

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