Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Monitor, analyze and manage performance across your enterprise to gain real-time financial and operational advantage.


When your business strategy isn’t the force driving your business processes, breakdowns in both effectiveness and efficiency are bound to occur – often in places where they are least expected. We can help improve your visibility across your organization allowing you to more accurately plan, budget, and forecast. This critical business intelligence will allow you to more quickly respond to ever-changing market conditions and drive profitability companywide.

We conduct comprehensive business performance reviews (BPRs) of people, processes, and technology. At the end of the evaluation, we deliver a proposal identifying key business initiatives linked to your opportunities for improvement and prioritized into two phases. Phase one are high ROI actions for immediate impact and phase two are more complex actions for long-term transformational results.

We can help you align your people, processes and technology around your key strategic initiatives. Benchmarks will show you when everything is on track – and when things veer off course for quick correction. Better visibility and faster decision making will allow you to enhance your business performance at every level.


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Standard Business Performance Review Modules

Convoko offers four standard BPR modules for Enterprise Performance Management.

leadership management

Enterprise Metrics (KPI)

Define and track what matters.
Manage with facts.

Report Mgmt

Reporting and performance

Make decisions based on fact.
Report and track what matters.

Opportunity Mgmt


Convert your data
into actionable Intelligence.

Project Mgmt


Manage every initiative as a
successful business.

We can help you perform as a world-class enterprise.

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